Customer Engagement

Offer great customer experiences. Unify data. Gain predictive insights.

One workspace giving a single customer view and improved cross-team collaboration.

Do you lack a 360-degree view of your customers? Could you improve how your teams share information across departments? Do you have fast and easy access to the information you need to work more productive?

All too often, businesses lack a solid and powerful platform that centralises customer data across departments. This is where Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) comes in. As a single workspace, spanning across Customer Service, Marketing, and Sales, D365 CE centralises customer data so any person from any team can easily access it. In addition, Customer Insights are brought to the forefront to ensure that your teams have a single customer view and can offer personalised customer experiences at any point across your customers buying journey.

The team works with you to reinvent your customers’ experience.

Customer Service

Allow Customer Service Representatives to anticipate and personalise every interaction with the customer

Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables a 360-degree view of every customer’s journey that enables your customer service representatives to anticipate and personalise every interaction with each customer.

  • Communicate with customers on their preferred channel: be it chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or another platform, benefit from built-in omnichannel capabilities.
  • Implement a consistent service experience: ensure every customer receives a unified service experience even if the case is transferred between customer service representative or across channels.
  • Enjoy powerful search: gain quick access to knowledge articles to ensure quicker and faster response times.


Improve the overall customer experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps businesses build and grow new markets with automated and customisable workflows, that integrate their entire business processes. From Marketing campaigns and lead generation to sales, a comprehensive platform to manage and monitor all.

  • Personalised customer experiences: improve Marketing effectiveness, create engaging content, and gain a 360-degree customer view.
  • Clarify channel performance: spot bottlenecks or visualise successes. A visual representation helps you to quickly identify Marketing areas that need attention.
  • Earn customer loyalty: turn event attendees into loyal customers, nurture leads and accounts.


Going beyond the capabilities of an average CRM.

CRM solutions typically allow sellers to manage a company’s relationships and interactions with customers and prospects. But how do you turn that information into actionable insights and meaningful conversations? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales enables you to go beyond the capabilities of an average CRM.

  • Drive sales performance: use lead and opportunity scoring, better collaborate with colleagues who already interact with prospects, and uncover prospect as well as customer needs using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Build and strengthen valuable relationships: gain valuable prospect insights with LinkedIn integration, visualise inter-company relationship with interactive organigrams, and improve sales engagement and service with survey insights.
  • Improve sales productivity: define sales playbooks to streamline preparation and repeat success, streamline daily tasks with fully integrated Office 365 applications, get back to selling by minimising routine tasks with contextual suggestion prompts.

Customer Insights

Is collecting more and more data better? Definitely not! Especially not without having a solid analytics platform.

There has been a fundamental shift in the way businesses capture more and more data about prospects and customers. Turning this data into intelligence is often the challenge and businesses who achieve doing so, can be more proactive and deliver a better customer experience. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, organisations are equipped with the proper tools to accomplish just that.

  • Gather valuable and actionable data: use an intuitive and flexible customer data platform to gather transactional, observational, and behavioral data.
  • Truly understand your customers and prospect: use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to decode unified data, build rich persona profiles, and segment your audience.
  • Deliver meaningful and personalised engagements: empower your employees with data to deliver a better and more personable customer experience.

Finance & Supply Chain

Covid-19 forced organisations to rethink their business operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain strengthens resilience of core operations and being more proactive as the corporate landscape changes.

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All too often, back-office, in-store, eCommerce, and call centre systems are not integrated resulting in broken customer experiences. We help clients to solve these issues by implementing a single end-to-end integrated solution to remove friction and create lasting customer journeys.

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Modern Apps

Modern Apps accelerate innovation through rapidly developed and deployed low-coding solutions. With suitable governance frameworks in place, the App tasks range from analysing data to automating processes aimed at solving your business problems.

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

In a world that continually changes and evolves, value extracted from data through analytics is limitless. We work with clients to harness this power to best positioned them to gain competitive advantage.

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