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We solve your EDI needs with D365 and ProcessOne 365!

Suppliers having Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities is nowadays a must have demanded by Retailers and Distributors. On the flipside, it is often a gap Suppliers have.

ProcessOne 365 is an EDI & B2B software architecture that transforms the D365 supply chain, turning all your supply chain systems into one integrated supply chain.

Secure your supply chain, all powered within Microsoft D365. Simple to implement with full visibility and management for your existing team.

Set up Retailers and Distributors within minutes.

Pre-map data from D365 to a wide range of EDI transaction sets.

Automate all actions, including send, receive, and notifications of errors.

Easily monitor and report on EDI transaction flow and volume.

Users can rapidly search transactions, make required changes, and print reports.

Access from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Communicate directly with your Retailers and Distributors without the use of other software or Value Added Networks (VAN).

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  • Carolyn Eames

    Sales and Marketing Director,

  • Lindsay Rewcastle

    Chief Executive Officer
    ProcessOne Solutions

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