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Managed Services tailored to your needs

Microsoft Dynamics is constantly evolving, and more tools are added to assist you to take full benefit of the applications you already know and love.

Microsoft delivers major releases twice a year and on top of the different customer’s business areas are buying into the capabilities of Dynamics. It’s not just an IT discussion anymore. Overlay the business demand for applications and your organisation’s need to maintain and finetune the Dynamics platform, and you find yourself juggling competing priorities. support any compliance, regulatory requirements, or budgetary constraints, through the use of onshore, nearshore, and offshore teams. Depending on the size and scale of your operation, we deliver support using dedicated or leveraged resources. We agree process interaction points with you to ensure we deliver services to expected standards. On top of that, clients can choose between 24/7 support or business hour support. offers a flexible Managed Services delivery model that sets us apart from the competition. Reach out to us to find out more.

Offering a fully scalable Managed Services model’s Managed Services for Microsoft Dynamics are offered in a number in five tiers that support a range of customer demands. These tiers range from providing standard support to add value to your existing support model to a full-service approach where we manage your entire Dynamics platform. We also mentor clients so they can build their ‘Centre of Excellence’ with assistance from

By working with us, clients can maximise their value gains from the Dynamics investment and focus on what really matters: improving business outcomes!

Support and Managed Services

Client Care

Start anywhere and move up and down as required.

Managed Services offerings:

  • Dedicated Account and Client Care team
  • 24 x 7 support models available
  • Drive increasing returns from your Microsoft Business Applications Platform
  • Reduce your costs of maintaining and enhancing your BizApps platform
  • Access to Industry and Application experts
Managed Services Feature Set

Three tiers for delivering excellent Managed Services

Our Managed Services for Microsoft BizApp’s provide proactive management of your enterprise Microsoft environment, providing assurance and quality outcomes.


Tactically focused managed service

Bringing rigor, management and leadership to a relationship for an evolving Dynamics practice

Supports clients looking to expand their Dynamics footprint


Operationally focused managed service

Provided for general support of a Dynamics platform using a centralised support system and model

Provides a high-quality, low risk and cost-effective service

Focus on improvements within hybrid support environments, with standard monthly payments


Strategic focused managed service

Provided where the Dynamics / PowerPlatform platform is undergoing rapid change with continuous integration, delivery, application management and development activities are in flight

Provided from an agile delivery team with higher levels of customer and business collaboration

Provides application transformation services enabling clients to transform service delivery, business alignment and technology

Thriving in a world of constant disruption calls for on-going improvement of business processes and applications. helps you to reduce spent, increase business agility, and strengthen your business resilience.


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