Digitally transform manufacturing process.

No matter what type, strengthen processes and your competitiveness.

One unified platform aimed at strengthening your manufacturing capabilities and customer relationships

Improve your manufacturing processes end-to-end starting with your customers’ journeys all the way to strengthening your supply chain processes to your customer and field service.

Since the Covid-19 global pandemic struck and due to an ever-changing geo-political landscape, increasing local capabilities and becoming more self-reliant has become a critical success factor for manufacturers.

Compounding this situation are new manufacturers entering established markets utilising robotic and Artificial Intelligence driven automation to offer lower prices, sell new products, and embrace Direct to Consumer (DTC) sales models.

Within the above context, existing manufacturers are forced to digitally transform their existing businesses in order to remain relevant and competitive. is ready help you strengthen your manufacturing processes.



Pricing engines that match your business needs.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce you can unify back-office, in-store, eCommerce, and call centre activities so you can personalise the customer experience, increase employee productivity, and optimise store operations.

  • Engage customers across channels: give customers the option to purchase when, how, and where they want—on any device—or in store by delivering a frictionless and consistent engagement.
  • Build loyalty and exceed expectations: gain a comprehensive view of each customer, respond to their needs at every engagement level, and foster lasting relationships through tools that strengthen your brand.
  • Streamline and optimise retail operations: create personalised, friction-free experiences, and integrated, optimised back-office operations by using embedded Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

“When it comes to working with clients, initially, we are in the driver seat and they are the co-drivers. Our objective is to empower them and help clients jump into the driver’s seat as quickly as possible.”

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We are ready to help you spot opportunities and realise potential with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps.


Be it improving your digital presence, implementing your omnichannel commerce strategy, launching your first B2C site, or improving your B2B trading relationships, has the most experienced team to deliver on your eCommerce strategy across Asia Pacific.

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Demand continues to skyrocket with no signs of slowing down. Not fulfilling orders is not an option. Wholesalers must make their supply chain more efficient. We know what it takes to make your supply chain more stable and resilient.

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Ever-changing shopper demands, optimising digital and in stores sales, adapting operating models to maximise profitability and customer satisfaction are amongst the daily challenges retailers need to balance. We are ready to overcome these challenges with you.

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We are ready to help you spot opportunities and realise potential with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps.

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