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PowerTester ensures that the data provided in Power BI reports is consistently accurate and enables its users to spot any potential issues.


Test the accuracy of your Power BI reports.

Leading companies and organisations use data to make informed and strategic business decisions every day. They need to know that the data they are basing those decisions on is correct.PowerTester is a test automation tool built specifically for Power BI.

Fast: Runs full suite regression in seconds to enable users to spot issues early.
Intelligent: Innovatively designed by experts in BI and testing. AI integrated test case creation.
Reduce Costs: Rapid development of your Test Plans and continuous testing results in cost savings.
Secure: Secure from ground up. Nothing to install or patch.

DevOps Integration

Integrate PowerTester into your CICD process with our suite of REST API. Bring testing into your report development cycle with PowerTester.

Run tests in seconds

No more spending hours manually testing every report page.
Run full report suite regression in seconds not hours.

Unlike other tools PowerTester does not use web drivers to test the reports. Therefore where other tools may take minutes to test one visual, PowerTester can do the same test in milliseconds.

Don’t allow testing to become the bottleneck of development, use PowerTester and get instant feedback on the impact of any report change.


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