Are your processes and systems #MatchFitERP?

Are you identifying problems with your systems and processes such as...

...schedule delays and competing priorities; fluctuating or competing priorities; ongoing schedule delays; scope creep and fee fatigue; lack of executive sponsorship; and lost sight of goals or lack of goals?

With years of experience working with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Optimum.consulting provides clients with tools that enable them to identify, review, and audit their systems. We can join your project team at any point to perform a rescue and get your implementation back on track. Whether you pursue a business transformation or a reset of your systems looking for greater process efficiencies, we work with you to implement the best course of action.

Our mantra when working with you is simple: do it once; do it right.

Implementation audit

ERP implementations often have friction points that not only impact one but a combination of drivers ranging from speed of implementation to budget management, system scope as well as performance.

Working closely with clients, we assess areas including project governance and decision making, functionality and configuration decisions, project and change management, and technical areas including data migration.

With Optimum.consulting’s proprietary implementation methodology in your kitbag, we offer clients the best of the agile and waterfall based implementation approaches, helping to get your implementations back on track as quickly as possible.

Re-examine your ERP Software. If the project feels strained, most likely it is. Working with Optimum.consulting will give you a fresh set of eyes to identify and fix red flags you might have missed.


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  • Scoping and delivery a Proof of Concept to evaluate if Microsoft Dynamics 365 is right for you.
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