Stay ahead and open new channels to market.

Be it Business to Consumers channels or exploring global wholesale opportunities.

Open up new markets. Successfully implement new strategies.

Implement a fully integrated platform to stay ahead and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Staying ahead as a wholesaler, distributor, or both has never been more challenging. This is why more and more venture into diversifying and opening new markets. As a result, implementing Business to Consumer (B2C) go to market strategies is becoming increasingly a cornerstone element of their strategy playbook.

Having a strong foundation in place to power your B2C strategies is critical to meet ever increasing customer expectations along their buyer journeys. Be it implementing digital shopfronts, offering the next suitable product at the right price, or offering a 360-degree view to Service Representatives, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers this fully integrated foundation from the start.

Strengthen your diversification strategy by deploying one fully integrated platform.



Improve the overall customer experience for Wholesaling

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps wholesalers build and grow new markets with automated and customisable workflows, that integrate their entire business processes. From Marketing campaigns and lead generation to sales, a comprehensive platform to manage and monitor all.

  • Personalised customer experiences: improve Marketing effectiveness, create engaging content, and gain a 360-degree customer view.
  • Earn customer loyalty: turn event attendees into loyal customers, nurture leads and accounts.
  • Clarify channel performance: spot bottlenecks or visualise successes. A visual representation helps you to quickly identify Marketing areas that need attention.

“When it comes to working with clients, initially, we are in the driver seat and they are the co-drivers. Our objective is to empower them and help clients jump into the driver’s seat as quickly as possible.”

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We are ready to help you spot opportunities and realise potential with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps.


Supply chain disruptions and ever-increasing consumer expectations within a tough competitive landscape, force manufacturers to undertake bigger and bigger transformations. We are ready to help you overcome such challenges and achieve greater outcomes.

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Be it improving your digital presence, implementing your omnichannel commerce strategy, launching your first B2C site, or improving your B2B trading relationships, has the most experienced team to deliver on your eCommerce strategy across Asia Pacific.

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Ever-changing shopper demands, optimising digital and in stores sales, adapting operating models to maximise profitability and customer satisfaction are amongst the daily challenges retailers need to balance. We are ready to overcome these challenges with you.

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We are ready to help you spot opportunities and realise potential with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps.

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