Optimum.consulting and the Bunch Group partner to augment Change Management capabilities

2 November, 2023

“Driving and managing change during digital transformations can be hard and from experience, often is a main point of failure” says Carolyn Eames, Sales & Marketing Director, Optimum.consulting. She continues “we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Bunch to augment Optimum.consulting’s current resource pool and ensure we deliver best outcomes to clients.”

Successful Change Management looks like this

Most large digital transformations don’t fully achieve their objectives and even fail. “What sets successful transformations apart is realising that change only happens by genuinely bringing the people along on the transformation journey” notes Glyn Wallens, Managing Director, Bunch Group.

Investing in employee engagement from the start of a digital transformation significantly increases the likelihood of successful adoption of new technology and centres on:

  • Gaining a deep understanding of the change impact and what initiatives ease the transition. 
  • Identifying the communication plan and implementing tactics that enable leaders to visibly own the change, gain positive cut through as well as inspire employees. 
  • Design the targeted learning experience for employees to improve their capability.

Bunch has an outstanding track record at supporting Optimum.consulting clients by impactfully engaging employees, often through major change programs. Optimum.consulting working hand in glove with Bunch’s expertise in employee engagement is a winning combination. Progressive clients know that maximising their ROI in technology requires a proportionate investment in their #1 asset – their people – via Communications, Change, and Learning.

Increase the likeliness of successful technology adoption with smart investment in employee engagement.

Here’s a simple philosophy that packs a big punch… every organisation, regardless of industry, is in the people business. Inspiring people by engaging hearts and minds in unexpected ways is essential for successful change. This is true because if people feel it, they’ll believe it. And if they believe it, they’ll do it! Optimum.consulting and Bunch do this by making the complex simple and the simple exciting!

Some call it the soft stuff. But in reality, it’s the hard stuff. Bunch understands people and how to capture their attention, they know how to drive people’s engagement. The end result is that if people are aligned and engaged, better business results will follow. For example, when implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, Bunch works alongside Optimum.consulting to maximise the adoption of new technology, along with the new ways of working.

Not only does this winning combination deliver great outcomes (the WHAT) with an audience-led mindset, it also ensures that we collaborate as genuine partners (the HOW) to empower leaders to establish true engagement with their people.

About Optimum.consulting

Optimum.consulting is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions Partner who is totally committed to the Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Retail industries in Australia and New Zealand. The Team’s experts help clients build agile operating models, drive business process improvements, and turn customers into advocates. Delivering end-to-end Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Apps, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Managed Services Solutions, Optimum.consulting maximises technology adoption through effective communications, improved learning, and providing best in class change management. To find out more visit www.optimum.consulting.

About Bunch Group

It’s not often clients can find Communications, Human Resources, Creative, Design, and Production experts working under one roof. For over 20 years, Bunch has proven this is a winning combination and helps drive results for clients from the inside out. As a true partner and trusted advisor, Bunch helps clients realise their full potential and deliver impact, ensuring the health of both a client’s business and the greatest asset – their people. Bunch service delivery covers Strategic Change & Communications, Events & Experiences, and Creative & Design. To find out more visit www.bunch.com.au.


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